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Thank you for visiting julietaylormemories.com. I created this web site as a place to remember my wonderful sister Julie Taylor who died much too young at the age of 33 on July 28, 2009.

I don't want this site to be a sad place; this is not meant to be a never-ending eulogy. I want it to be a happy place where Julie's friends and family can come to remember and write about all the great times we had with Julie during her short life.

Use the guestbook to add your memories of Julie. Feel free to make mulitple entries as you remember more stories about Julie.


These are all the photos that Jenny collected and/or scanned of Julie. There were too many to put them all on the DVD slideshow so here is the complete collection. After it opens, click once to zoom in and then click again to zoom in a little further. Click again to zoom back out and click the background to zoom all the way out. After zooming in the first time you can use the arrow keys to navigate. When zoomed all the way out you can click on the background to drag the wall around.
This is the full DVD slideshow (approximately 10 minutes)

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